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Welcome to Family Church

Growing Simple, Loving and Joyful Jesus Families
that Live on Mission

We desire to see a relational reformation so that every person would experience joyful and loving spiritual family, cultivate a continual life-giving connection and passion for Jesus, both receive and give to God and others, mature in character and bring change to our world through co-laboring with God.


Why do we need change?

Many churches in the west have moved there main emphasis towards programs, platforms, performances, personal visions and the numbers of people sitting in the seats. We need to bring back the emphasis on Jesus, relationships, growth, character, discipleship, family, simplicity and a sincere love for God and His people. We believe God has more for the Church and we are pursuing it!

"If I have a quarrel with the church, it's a lover's quarrel." Warren Wiersbe

Your generosity enables us to continue our mission of helping people connect with God, grow spiritual family and reach the lost. We appreciate any contribution you can make towards our community & mission.

We welcome you to join us for our weekly gatherings that mostly gather in Homes. Our doors are always open to anyone looking for a  loving community to grow in their faith.

At Family Church, we believe in the power of Jesus' love to transform lives and communities. Learn more about our beliefs and values on this page.

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