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Our Vision to Build 3 Alters.




We believe that God has called us to build an altar of prayer and worship in the region to glorify Jesus, reach the lost and shift the atmosphere over Orange County. We recognize that we are not the only community called to do this and desire to see gatherings of multiple communities together to accomplish this. We are beginning to train people to better understanding their calling into the priesthood. As believers we are all called to be priest to God. Raising up people who carry the heart of a priest and not a performer will have an incredible impact on the kind of worship and prayer that we bring to God. 

We also believe that a core part of Family Church's calling is to equip families, leaders, Pastors and businesses to grow more spiritual family. This is where everyone can behold, belong and believe together. Family is God's vehicle for multiplication and growth. We need more healthy spiritual families to be multiplied across the region. We are praying and believing for a spiritual family to be accessible to every neighborhood and business in Orange County and beyond!

Finally we believe that the Church is meant to live outdoors! We were not created to be confined to building or even homes. We are meant to come into connection with Jesus and family and then go out to reach the world. We are called to be "In and Out" leaders. This phrase is used in the Old and New Testament to speak about leadership. We come in to pasture and go our to extend the Kingdom of God. We need to do both!

Our Vision for a building.

We are praying for a "Jesus Center" to pursue all of these things. A space to equip people, to build family, to gather for worship and prayer, and to reach the lost including a coffee house.

We are putting this last because so often the building has become one of the pinnacle markers of successful ministry. We do not believe that is true. The Church is defined by the people and not the space that they occupy. We get to be the church in our homes, businesses and everyplace that we gather in Jesus name (heart/character).

As we have pursued these goals we have found that it is still helpful to have a larger space to come together to both celebrate and equip. The goal is to gather to send out! We have done much of this in homes, and will continue to do so, but it is hard on neighbors and host to gather larger numbers of people on a continuous basis. So having a gathering spot for equipping in the region would be incredibly helpful. Our desire is that this would be used by multiple church families to help build up the body and reach the region. There are many Church families but only one Church!

Second, we believe that God wants to reach the lost through the gathering space that we occupy. We would love to start a coffee shop to create a space for greater community and outreach. We are praying for a space next to where young people gather to reach out to them. We want to do free coffee times to get them in the doors, so we can grow relationship and give them a taste of God's wonderful Kingdom.

Finally, we desire to have a location for worship and prayer gatherings throughout the week.  We believe that God desires to ministered to by His people and that prayer really does change things. I worshiping and praying church will change the world! We need more times of gathering around Jesus and His presence. As we learn to dial down and get rid of the distractions, God is so willing and desiring to give to us His heart for the world that He made. Again, we want this for the whole church and not just our Church Family.

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